Woman Picks Up Hitchhiker, Gets Alarming Surprise When He Gets Inside

A woman driving alone along a rural road in Minnesota saw a man in need of a ride. While most people wouldn’t stop, especially in an area where not a soul was in sight, she did. Moments after he climbed into her back seat, she got an alarming surprise.

All Mary Dinger wanted to do was give a guy a warm place to sit and a ride when she saw a stranger on the side of the road, not knowing where he had come from or where he was headed. The man, only identified as Adam, looked to be in his 30’s or early 40’s, and he was laying on the side of the road when Mary spotted him and stopped her vehicle.

I immediately pulled over and ran to him,” she told KMSP news, then invited him to get inside her car. What happened after her kind gesture was definitely something she wasn’t expecting… and neither was he.

After learning that he had been making a 50-mile trek on foot from Grand Rapids to the Twin Cities area to seek shelter, Mary thought to call the police for assistance. It was 15 degrees below zero outside and the vagrant had been walking in the harsh conditions since the day before. When he could no longer feel his feet, he took a rest along the side of the road, before planning to continue his trek. That’s when a miracle happened.

Trooper Glen Bihler responded to Mary’s call and was surprised to see that a woman on her own had dared stop for a hitchhiker and that the homeless man wasn’t who or what he thought. Adam was a nice guy with good intentions, who was doing his best to get to a shelter without asking for help. But God led Mary’s path that day, as well as the officer’s, which became clear when one good deed led to a big blessing for Adam, all because two people were in the right place at the right time.

Woman Picks Up Hitchhiker, Gets Alarming Surprise When He Gets Inside
Trooper Glen Bihler

Bihler examined the man’s feet and found that thankfully, they weren’t frostbitten, but in talking to him, he learned that he was starving. Taking over where Mary started, Bihler put Adam into his patrol car and drove him to the nearest McDonald’s. After a bite to eat, the two headed back to the Sheriff’s office, where the officer had another surprise for the man.

He said he hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning,” Trooper Bihler said, according to Fox 9. “I think he got a double quarter-pounder with cheese value meal.” With a full belly, Bihler didn’t want to send him back out in the cold, so he took him back to the station and gave him a warm place to sleep for the night. “That’s the only place in the county that’s open so that’s where he spent the night,” the officer said.


As it turned out, Mary is an angel on a mission from God, as the founder of Sowing Seeds for God, an organization that helps homeless people. She knew the Lord was on her side when she stopped to help one of His struggling children. While her actions are not typical and it’s a risk many wouldn’t want to take, had she not stopped for Adam that day, he may have never made it to where he was headed, in the near future or in life.


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